Operation: Field Trip — Complete!

Here is the sign marking the school we assisted in Etago, Kenya.

My Dad just got back from Africa.  When he left he took over 500 dollars which I sent with him for the children of St. David’s Kinship Academy.   He gave it to Pastor Enosh in Etago, Kenya, for the seventh and eighth  grade class field trip, as I mentioned in my last post.

The field trip took place October 12, 2011.  Pastor Enosh reports:  “A total of 37 students went for the trip.  They visited three areas, i.e. Kisumu airport, port authority, and the museum.  The students really enjoyed the studies that they received from these specific areas, for they received lectures from qualified personel in every area they visited.  Much thanks… to [those] who offered to sponsor the trip.”

Pastor Enosh will be sending updated pictures of the field trip soon! For now, enjoy these pictures from my dad’s visit to the area this year.

Here is a picture of the graduating class at St. David’s KINSHIP.

All the children of the school from Pre to Grade 8 are crammed into the main building which also serves as a church.

Check back for more information about my plans for next year!

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3 Responses to Operation: Field Trip — Complete!

  1. debmayhew says:

    I love these pictures, Katherine! It’s such a good reminder that we need to keep these brothers and sisters in Christ in our thoughts and prayers. I know they are praying for us, too. I enjoyed this blog post!

  2. Oh! Didn’t know you’d posted an update! Also didn’t know you’d earned $500 for the students. That is AMAZING! I know those kids appreciated all your hard work, Katie. (I’m wore out just thinking about how much knitting you had to do to make $500!!!!)

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