For a Limited Time Only!

I’m excited to tell you about the latest item at Katherine’s Mission! Check out these adorable, vintage teddy bears. Dressed in festive holiday fabrics and colors, they’re just the thing to spread a little Christmas cheer! But you’ve got to act fast. What you see pictured below is all I’ve got, and when they’re gone…they’re gone! Plus, they’re priced to sell at just $10 per medium sized bear and $15 per large. This year, your Christmas gift can bless someone you know here AND bless a child in Africa at the same time.

For the orphans,






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3 Responses to For a Limited Time Only!

  1. Debra Mayhew says:

    The bears are ALMOST as cute as you! Keep up the great work, Kates! xo

  2. Dorathea says:


    Have you checked your email & order form.

    Your friend,

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