Have It Your Way!

No, this isn’t Burger King, but at Katherine’s Mission I’m happy to customize your order any way you like it! See something you like on Pinterest? Let me know! There’s a good chance I’ll be able to make it for you.

My Aunt Hannah found a headband/cowl pattern and passed it on to me. I put my knitting know-how to work and filled her order. I also filled several other headband orders. I enjoy working on a variety of projects, and especially enjoy filling special requests like this one.

This adorable owl hat is another good example. My Dad’s cousin found it on Pinterest and ordered some for Christmas. I can make this for you, too! Sizes from newborn to adult are available – you choose the color. (My little brother wouldn’t cooperate for the picture, but hopefully you can still see the hat.) These owl hats have been a best seller this winter!

101_1047Here’s a better picture of the hats – minus the cute baby – that shows a few other color options:

owl hatsThanks for stopping by to see what’s new here at Katherine’s Mission. Even if you aren’t placing an order at this time, please keep all of God’s precious children in your prayers that they may come to saving faith in Jesus as their Savior.

I’d love to hear from you any time!

For the orphans, Katherine

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2012 Africa School Support

On August 1st my dad left for Africa on his yearly visit. He took $1,000 over with him that Katherine’s Mission collected to help the children of East Africa. There are always lots and lots of opportunities, but in the end, our decision came down to two choices. The Holy Cross school at Emmaus Millimani, Kenya, was near bursting, and is in need of an additional classroom. We could do that or feed all of the students and teachers for the rest of the school year (three months). Most of the kids there are underfed and are not getting as much food as they could and should be getting. So we decided to give the money to Mary Sagala, the organizer for the school, and let her decide which was the greater need.

She didn’t even hesitate. She new what the greater need was.

So starting this month, I am proud to say that we are feeding over 160 kids and teachers for about $80 a week, helping to nourish them not only in physical needs, but also in the love and admonition of the Lord.

Stay tuned for pictures of the school and children at Mois’ Bridge, they will be arriving soon.

Thank you for all your help and support in the past year. Imagine where these kids would be without all of you to help them along the way!

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Katherine’s Mission Update

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive and has encouraged  me in my mission.  Thanks to your faithful support, Katherine’s Mission has collected over $700 since last fall.  (Last year we sent $500 over for the KINSHIP Academy field trip.  Pictures of the field trip have now been received and will be posted soon.)

Many of you have asked for business cards or have passed on this information on to your family and friends. One of my followers who travels around the country came up with the idea of designing a flyer or brochure. One idea behind the flyer is to provide basic information about the purpose of my mission to those who don’t have internet or email.  So we designed a flyer and are making it available on my website. Feel free to print this off and distribute it to those who may be interested. If anyone would like to request an amount of business cards, please contact me by email, phone or regular mail and I’ll send them off, free of charge!

Katherine’s Mission Flyer

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Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

…but these hats are so delightful!
And as long as you let me know,
I will sew! I will sew! I will sew! (or knit)

It doesn’t show a single sign of stoppin’
And my mission is still a hoppin’
The orphans will love it so
They will glow! They will glow! They will glow!

When you finally get your hat
How you’ll love goin’ out in the snow!
And your heart’ll feel snuggly warm,
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

These new winter hats are now available for order at Katherine’s Mission. The sky’s the limit for color choice, so customize your hat just the way you like it. Ear flaps are optional.
Cost is $20 per hat (this price includes shipping costs). As always, 100% of proceeds go to benefit St. David’s Kinship Academy in Etago, Kenya.  Thank you for your support!

For the orphans,

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Last Call for Christmas Orders!

Things are hopping over here at Katherine’s Mission. Knitting needles are clicking away and crochet hooks are staying up late to party with the yarn.

But Christmas is fast approaching, so there’s no time to slow down. My dolls are fun stocking stuffers and my dishcloths are great gifts for any occasion.   Be sure to get your orders in by November 18 for guaranteed Christmas delivery.

New at Katherine’s Mission:

  • Boy Dolls (!!)
  • Holiday Dresses
  • Black hair
  • Any color highlights in hair

Remember, you can customize your doll order with hair color, dress color, and skin color. I’m also happy  to knit dishcloths in your color preference.  Thank you for all your support and encouragement.  

For the orphans,    


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Operation: Field Trip — Complete!

Here is the sign marking the school we assisted in Etago, Kenya.

My Dad just got back from Africa.  When he left he took over 500 dollars which I sent with him for the children of St. David’s Kinship Academy.   He gave it to Pastor Enosh in Etago, Kenya, for the seventh and eighth  grade class field trip, as I mentioned in my last post.

The field trip took place October 12, 2011.  Pastor Enosh reports:  “A total of 37 students went for the trip.  They visited three areas, i.e. Kisumu airport, port authority, and the museum.  The students really enjoyed the studies that they received from these specific areas, for they received lectures from qualified personel in every area they visited.  Much thanks… to [those] who offered to sponsor the trip.”

Pastor Enosh will be sending updated pictures of the field trip soon! For now, enjoy these pictures from my dad’s visit to the area this year.

Here is a picture of the graduating class at St. David’s KINSHIP.

All the children of the school from Pre to Grade 8 are crammed into the main building which also serves as a church.

Check back for more information about my plans for next year!

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Where exactly will your money go?

You might have asked yourself this question if you’ve considered ordering (or have ordered) a doll or dishcloth.

Take a look at the top of my blog.  These are the orphans that attend St. David’s Kinship Academy in Etago, Kenya.  My Dad took this picture on his mission trip last year. These are the children you will be helping. This is where your money is going.

These children live in a small rural community set on the hillside in western Kenya, not far from Lake Victoria. They’ve never had an opportunity to see other towns or cities, and know little beyond their small area of sugar cane, corn, and tea harvesting. In December, the first class of 8th graders will graduate from St. David’s. One requirement of graduation is a field trip to a big city where they can learn more about what goes on outside their community.

Pastor Enosh is my dad’s main contact. This is what he wrote in an email asking for help:
“In total we have 68 students whom we had lined up for the trip…The students are intended to visit Kisumu, whereby they will view Lake Victoria and study about water transport, they will also visit fish industry. They are also supposed [to see] places like Museum, Railway Station and airport to mention just a few…It is important that the students have time to visit some of the sites that they usually study while in class so as to get exposure and practical side of there studies.”

Whatever money I raise will go directly to help fund this important trip. I appreciate all the ways you have supported and encouraged me as we work toward this goal together! Thank you!

This is a good picture of the area the orphans live in

This is a picture of the tea fields behind the school

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